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Aloha! This word which me and “hello” and “goodbye” in the Hawaiian language is what gives the state of Hawaii it’s nickname, the “Aloha State.” Hawaii literally popped up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when a number of underwater volcanic eruptions reached out of the sea, creating the volcanic islands that became the 50th state in 1959. The name Hawaii likely came from a native Hawaiian word, hawaiki or awhyhee, which means homeland. The state flower is the hibiscus, however, none of the plants seen there are indigenous to the islands. All of the vegetation was brought there by early inhabitants.

The Capital of Hawaii is Honolulu, on the Island of Oahu, and it is often considered to be the “Crossroads of the Pacific.” Honolulu is where Pearl Harbor is located and visitors today can still see part of the sunken Arizona Ship sticking out of the bay at the Arizona memorial. Another popular spot on Honolulu is Waikiki Beach, which is a great spot if you are looking for a vacation similar to what you would get in South Beach, Miami, Florida. Oahu is not the only Island to visit though. All of the islands have great beaches, hiking, tours, golf, various outdoor activities, and of course, surfing. Many people like to visit the Big Island but the lesser known Kauai is a gem that is often overlooked but shouldn’t be.

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